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To Get Access To $50,000 In Funding For Your  Small Business In Less Than 90 Days...
Even if you're a brand new startup and your personal credit is below the 700's
Running a small business has slowly gone from a challenge to a test of will, courage and tenacity.

You see…

Inflation is ripping through the country as the prices for gas and other commodities are at an all-time high.

Everyone feels the effects, yes.

But many small businesses appear to be crushed by the economic situation.

Higher costs mean:

  • You need more money to run your business and provide the same value
  • Your profit margins are shrinking as your organization struggles to stay afloat.
  • You’re a few weeks from running out of money.
Businesses run out of cash and permanently close their doors all the time (29%, according to CB Insights).

With the current economic situation, however, we watch that statistic climb daily.

It's around this time when most businesses reach out to lending institutions to throw them a lifeline in the form of business credit.

But guess what?

They can’t get it!


If you’ve tried to apply for business credit and got denied, you’re not alone in the boat.

Five out of ten businesses will be denied business credit.

Among those that get approved, only three out of ten qualify for the full amount requested.

But what does this mean?

You need good business credit, now more than ever.

A good business credit score can mean the difference between getting the funding you need to thrive and closing up your business.

But hold up…

That’s not the worst of it.

Poor credit can also mean your business stays stuck in limbo for years.

This means making just enough money to stay open but never being able to scale or grow.
Why you can't get business credit:

Your business isn't trustworthy

Most businesses don’t get approved for business credit or funding because they simply aren't viewed as credible by lenders.

I'm sorry…

But it’s the truth.

It doesn't matter if you’ve been in business for decades or have only recently launched your business.

It also doesn’t matter that you’re in a niche market with a killer USP and prospective customers trying to knock down your door.
If you don’t have established business credit:
  • Lenders will deny your requests.
  • You’ll struggle to find capital to scale and grow
  • Cash flow may be tight (thanks to the perils of running a business in this economy, it already is).
  • You may struggle to purchase inventory, run day-to-day expenses, and basically run your business at a high level.

You don’t have to look far to see these effects in action.

As many as one out of four businesses are denied the funding they need because they lack business credibility in the form of a strong business credit profile.

Here’s the summary: you need to act fast!

On average, without guidance & expertise, it takes between 12 and 18 months to build your business credit score.

But the process could take even longer for:
  • Startups
  • Businesses in debt
  • Businesses that have executed bad advice
So what does that mean?

The longer you wait to build your business credit, the harder it may be to keep your business afloat.

It also means you’ll watch your competitors zip buy, scale and scoop up a larger market share.

…All while you struggle to keep the lights on.

Business Credit From Scratch:

Your key to unlimited business growth
The Business Credit From Scratch course shows you how to establish, build and leverage business credit in 90 days and sidestep all these dangers.

You don't have to have good credit to start building! However, if you already have a decent credit score…

It can show you how to build that even more and take your business to the next level.
  • Learn all the key qualities lending institutions look for when assessing your credibility and credit applications.
  • Discover the truth behind most business credit misconceptions and learn how to structure your business profile for success!
Whether you're a start up or experienced business owner, you’ll learn the entire framework to strategically build business credit and get access to a wealth of funding resources to skyrocket your business!

What’s inside

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll find in the course:
Module 1: Enter the world of business credit
  • Discover the fundamentals of business credit and why it's important for your business growth
  • Understand the distinction between business credit with your EIN and personal guarantees
  • Debunk damaging business credit myths
Module 2: Establishing business credibility
  • How to properly structure your business for funding success
  • How to choose the correct industry codes
  • Presenting your business as a credible and creditworthy organization to lenders, suppliers, vendors, etc.
  • Business compliance and licensing 
  • Learn the secrets to building business authority & protect your personal assets from the business
Module 3: Banking like you mean business
  • Discover how to correctly establish, fund and manage your business bank account 
  • Understand bank ratings and how to position yourself as an approval-ready business
  • Discover the secrets most banks and lending institutions look for when evaluating you for a loan or line of credit
Module 4: Learn business credit reporting and scoring
  • Discover the key business credit reporting agencies and how they score your business credit data
  • Discover Dun & Bradstreet and how to generate a high PAYDEX score 
  • Learn how to get your DUNS number and apply for UEI.
  • Learn business credit monitoring and the ins & outs of business credit checks
Module 5: Get approved for business credit
  • Learn the business credit building tiers, the proper building order for optimal success and how to quickly get approved for vendor accounts 
  • Understand business credit cards, credit lines, cash accounts and how to strategically apply to increase odds of approval
  • A list of startup business funding sources to fuel your growth
Module 6: Get funded!
  • Learn the different types of business financing
  • How to position your business and paperwork to get a "YES" from the bank and approved for funding
  • Learn the top 10 business loans with simple approval requirements
  • Applying for business funding with Go Deluxe Capital      (90% approval rate)
Bonus content ($4,997 value)
  • Personal credit training course: Learn expert strategies to improve your personal credit while building business credit
  • Advanced business banking like a pro: This bonus training will give you the full banking methods used by business pros to increase funding approval odds
  • Commercial vehicle financing masterclass: Learn how to finance a car or fleet in your business name
  • Learn how to dispute negative marks on your business credit profile 
  • Access to our Private FB Community, continuing education and private business credit live Q&A sessions

Total Value = $14,997

“But I have great personal credit. I’ll just use that for my business.”
Personal credit can be a great initial source of funding for your business.
If you already have a good credit score, it can provide funds that are:
  • Quick
  • Easy
  • Accessible
But… There are just two problems:
  • You put your personal finances at risk when you use personal credit for business
  • There’s a huge limit to how much funding you can receive
In fact…

In my experience, you can get up to 10X more money if you build up your business credit.

Using business credit means that your personal finances are safe.

It also means that you can scale your business much faster!


You should know that personal credit will come into play along your business credit building journey, regardless of how credible your organization is - so you'll work on that simultaneously.

Without good personal credit, eventually, your access to high amounts of business credit will be limited.
Poor personal credit affects:
  • Your business loan approval.
  • The terms and payment schedules of your loan
  • Your loan interest rates.
  • Total eligibility
But there’s good news!

Business credit from scratch shows you how to build your personal credit scores alongside…

The Business Credit From Scratch course shows you how to build personal credit alongside your business credit.

Yes, that's right!

The two go hand-in-hand, and you’ll find out how to raise both scores simultaneously.
The course will show you:
  • How to establish & quickly build business credit with your EIN number
  • How to leverage your business credit into revenue generating opportunities & scale
  • How to properly set up your business to meet lending criteria and get easily approved for funding
  • How to maximize your business credit & get access to the highest credit limits and 0% interest rates

It’s time to scale your business to 6+ figures

Many businesses fail to scale to six figures…


Simply because they lack the necessary funding.

They have a killer USP with a target audience that’s primed for their solution, sure.

But they just can’t grow fast enough.

Eventually, they die out because of a lack of cash flow or they watch competitors squeeze them out of the market.

But that doesn’t have to be you…

​The Business Credit From Scratch course will show you how to quickly secure the funding you need to grow as quickly and effectively as possible.

Learn at your own pace
  • Do you like to learn in quick bursts?
  • Do you prefer to take the lessons one at a time?
Follow on phone and pc
  • Effortlessly switch between phone, pc and tablet.
  • Start and stop lessons whenever you want.
Lifetime ownership
  • Pay for the course once and own it forever

  • Revisit old lessons for a refresher or jump forward in the course to take specific lessons.
 Access to an exclusive FB group
  • Connect with other business owners and share tips and tricks for building credit quickly
  • Discover what others are doing and learn what pitfalls to avoid.

Whatever your preference…
The platform allows you to sign in whenever you have the chance and learn how to secure credit to grow.

Taking the course is easy!

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